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Clothes That Flatter a Plus-Size Figure

Clothes That Flatter a Plus-Size Figure

There is a question in every plus-sized women and men that what to wear that flatter a plus-size figure. Considering this question we are going to discuss the clothes that flatter a plus size figure. Creating a great wardrobe is all about stocking your closet with quality clothes that fit.

No matter your shape, size or skin tone, you’ll always look great in something made out of long-lasting materials that are designed for your measurements, whether that’s jeans, a suit or a dress. Yet some women struggle to feel confident in the clothes they choose – dresses in particular.

Looking fabulous means dressing for your body type and drawing attention to areas that make you feel good about yourself. This guide will help any woman find the best plus-size dresses for her body and style.

The silhouette creates the impression of an hourglass shape. It has a fitted high and trunk and then flares out at the waist in a very triangular fashion. This style is great for women of all body shapes.

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Full-figured girls ought to select plus-size A-line dresses manufactured from sturdier materials like cotton, rayon, denim, and polyester rather than flowy, clingy options like silk and satin. Stiffer materials retain the form of the dress, creating its becoming options appropriate for each physique.

Empire dresses gather just beneath the bust instead of at your natural waistline, emphasizing your upper body rather than your lower body. This dress style is suitable for women with oval, rectangle or triangle body types, as it draws attention upward while draping nicely over areas below the bust.

Empire-waist dresses come in a variety of lengths, from short tunics and mini dresses to breezy, flower-printed versions that brush against the floor. You’ve likely seen several versions of a dress with a ruffle at the waist over the past few years.

This style is called “peplum,” and it’s great for creating an hourglass figure. Although the underlying structure of a peplum dress is similar to that of a bodycon, an added ruffle wraps partially around the natural waist, flaring out for a few inches.

This makes the waist look smaller compared to the shoulders and hips. This means peplum dresses are suitable for rectangle or oval-shapes who want to balance their waist against the rest of their body.

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Clothes That Flatter a Plus-Size Figure

Tips for Dressing:

Comfortable and effortless, straight dresses are great for women who like casual-cool styles. This type of dress doesn’t have a waistline built-in but falls directly from the shoulders. Straight dresses are great for women with shoulders the same width as or wider than their waists, such as rectangle and apple shapes.

Invoking the garments worn in the 17th and 18th centuries, corset dresses have a panel that hugs some or the entire torso. These “corsets” may or may not be boned or shaped to emphasize the waist, but they usually have a laced detail on the back.

The corset and/or the lace are structured in such a way that the panel cinches in at the waist, push up the bust and releases at the hips, creating an exaggerated hourglass shape. Because this dress style physically enhances your figure, it’s good for any body type.

Designed to show off your decolletage, off-the-shoulder dresses have sleeves – usually at least an inch thick – that wrap around the shoulders rather than going across from front to back. The effect adds weight to your upper half, making off-the-shoulder dresses great for balancing out women with shoulders that are narrower than their hips.

Wearing an off-the-shoulder dress with an A-line silhouette also creates an hourglass figure for women with a rectangle body shape.

Consider While Choosing:

There are some important things you have to consider while choosing a dress.


A casual approach is great for some occasions, while others demand you look your absolute best. For example, because beaches are such a relaxed environment, sheer, flowy empire-waist dresses are completely okay. In fact, many swimsuit cover-ups are made with this silhouette with the idea that women will wear them regardless of body type.

However, empire-waist dresses are too casual for a business meeting. Instead, you’ll need an option like A-line or peplum – something with more structure.

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Ever wonder why black flatters everybody? It’s because dark colors downplay areas of the body. Black, in particular, is neutral, so it doesn’t clash with the undertones of your skin. That said, this doesn’t mean plus-size women should shy away from color! Adding brightness to your dress is a great way to play up your assets.

You can also mix and match light and dark for an interesting effect. If you’re an apple shape and a fan of yellow, for example, try wearing a slim, violet belt over a lemon-colored A-line dress. The belt’s dark color and slim appearance both de-emphasize the waist and make the torso appear longer.

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Flair and Fit:

Shapewear has been a wonderful gift to the fashion world. It can smooth your body, shape your look and make clothes fit like a glove. If your tummy could be a drawback space for you, consider wearing high-waisted panties that cinch in your stomach or even a full-body slip for maximum control.

Airy blouses that drift away from the body are a great option for women who don’t want to draw attention to their tummies. The flowy work isn’t solely physically snug, but it will effectively hide any bumps or bulges.

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Beautiful Top:

Consider a top with a long, uneven hemline. This type of shirt will serve the same purpose as a billowing blouse, but it will also draw attention towards the bottom half of your body and away from your tummy.

The tighter fit of leggings inherently draws attention to the lower half of your body rather than your tummy, and the fit can help to hide your stomach, too. Select leggings with a slighter wider band at the top.

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Maximize Coverage of Stomach:

This maximized coverage will hold your stomach is similar to how to shape wear would. Additionally, leggings pair well with flowing tunics, which will drift away from your body, just like an airy blouse.

Peplum tiptop works tighter round the top and drifts apart simply on top of the hips. The area cinches at the tiniest a part of your body to focus on your assets, and the structured look of these tops deliver a flirty, feminine flare accompanied with a fashion-forward style. While you wish to avoid the dowdy form of outsized garments, a stylish fall sweater remains an excellent choice for concealing the stomach space.

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Sweater Accessories:

To dodge that unflattering baggy look, don’t go up in size. Instead, opt for sweaters that host a wider hemline. The extra flare will hide your tummy, and the sweater will keep you warm during the chillier months of this season.

You may be drawing focus to your stomach area without realizing it with clothing accessories. For example, don’t try to cover up with a wide belt around your stomach. Though probably intended to hold you in, a statement belt will only put the focus even more on your tummy. Additionally, opt for purses with longer straps or cross-body bags.

The longer length of the straps will elongate your body, making you look tall and lean. Conversely, purses that tuck right under your arm will put the focus right at your stomach.

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Accept Your Body:

The reason this tip is no.1 is that accepting your body and what you’ve got is the most important factor for your personal style and confidence. Everyone, no matter what size or shape they have body hang-ups and it’s ok for you to have bad days – but accepting your body, for all your perceived flaws and all your wonderful assets will allow you to make better style decisions.

Embrace Your Belly:

After acceptance, comes affection! Love your belly. Love your thighs. Don’t feel the need to cover up the areas you’re self-conscious of – because you can make yourself look less shapely by wearing baggy clothes and hiding your body.

Invest In Good Underwear:

This tip is not just for plus size women – every woman should own great fitting underwear as it’s the best way to ensure your clothes fit you well on top. Make sure you’re wearing the correct bra size by getting measured and don’t restrict yourself to oversized knickers. Invest in flattering, well-supportive underwear and watch your confidence soar!

And remember – wear a nude bra under sheer or light colors to avoid triangle bra straps. Nude bras are available in many different shades to suit your skin tone and blend with your skin under your clothes.

Don’t Just Cover-Up:

 Wearing baggy t-shirts and shapeless clothing might cover your lumps and bumps but it also makes you look like you’ve got the body of a sack. Dress for your shape and yes, the round is a shape! So wear fitting clothes that flatter you – don’t hide beneath oversized fabrics.

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Know Your Fabrics:

A polyester tank top that clings to you and causes static shocks will not be as flattering a cotton-elastane mix, which is a stretchy well-fitting material. Understanding the composition of fabrics will help you choose better fitting clothes when shopping online – and in-store. Our fabric guide has got all the answers.

Know Your Silhouette:

There are no set rules when it comes to fashion and style, but the science behind why certain shaped clothes flatter different body silhouettes is great to refer to when in doubt. For example, empire line dresses look fabulous on pear-shaped ladies with smaller waists and bigger thighs – but empire lines are to be avoided if you’re apple-shaped because the fit around the waist can give off maternity vibes.

Accessorise Strategically:

The power of good accessories is not to be sniffed at. Whether that’s a statement belt, necklace or mega earrings – you can jazz up a basic t-shirt and jeans combo with accessories to create a wow factor. Our favorite tip is to accessorize high street clothing with high-end bags or shoes – they instantly make your whole outfit appear chic and your look goes from $10 to $1million.

Embrace Vintage:

Vintage consumer goods are fabulous on such a large amount of levels. From the fact that every item is unique, to the eco-friendly recycling aspect -vintage clothing and accessories can instantly add a wow factor to your outfit. Vintage silhouettes are also very figured flattering for plus size women.

When In Doubt, Wear A Wrap Dress:

The humble wrap dress is a style that fits every body shape and is extremely flattering. The same can’t be said for any other style of dress, but if you have a trusty wrap dress in your wardrobe then you’ll never be short of a go-to outfit.

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Invest In Quality Basics:

Just like quality underwear, some trusty basics will see you through the best and worst of times. Investing in quality basics are great for a minimalist style or are great for those times when you just can’t be bothered. Thick straps on vest tops and non-clinging fabrics will help you to look and feel your best.


1.NIC+ZOE Women’s Plus Size Vivid Twist Dress

This product is synthesized with nylon, rayon, and spandex. The material used is very good. This is pulling on closure dress. When it comes to dressing size, don’t pigeonhole yourself! The size on the label is just a number; it doesn’t mean anything or stands for what you are as a person.

You may find a larger or smaller size than you think you are could be a better fit – so always try multiple sizes when you’re out shopping. Free returns for online shopping make this easy to do at home too.

Never underestimate the power of good tailoring. The problem with some plus size clothes is that they can sometimes be a bit shapeless, but for less than $20 you can have dresses and jackets nipped in all the right places and to suit your exact body. The result is beautiful fitting clothes that you can feel happy and confident in.

Knowing your fabrics is important, avoiding the bad ones even more so. Cheap fabrics often fade and are flimsy to wear – it’s also bad for the environment to have too many items considered ‘throwaway fashion’.

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2.Jessica London Women’s Plus Size Denim A-Line Maxi Dress

Prints are a vibrant way of making a style statement and classics like leopard print and polka dots are always coming back in fashion. Wearing larger patterns and prints are said to be more flattering for plus size ladies – but we say, wear what you want!

The colors you wear can speak your mood! And as style and dressing is all part of self-expression, think about what you’re portraying with your outfit. Now, remember the color wheel from school, with the complementary opposites? These are the color combinations that work best in style too.

Sometimes, online shopping can be stressful when you’re unsure of which size to buy. That’s why knowing your measurements can be very helpful, as it allows you to shop for fit rather than by size and will result in fewer returns and a happier you when your clothes arrive!

Jessica London product is made of cotton and poly with quality and durability. So consider this while buying the dress.

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3.Ellos Women’s Plus Size Gauze Maxi Dress

Ellos is the familiar company and this product is made from cotton gauze. This is important and machine washed product. When it comes to your personal style, the only rules to follow are the ones that you curate and know work for you.

You don’t have to follow trends if you don’t like them. Allow your style to be a reflection of your personality and most importantly, feel confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing.

Making sure you treat yourself with love is one of the best ways to practice self-acceptance and confidence. Love your body by pampering yourself often. Whether that’s getting a massage, nourishing your body with a smoothie or getting a nice pedicure. Looking glowing and polished is always a style winner.

Having a trusty pair of jeans is a fail-safe outfit win. You can dress jeans up as well as down and so finding a good pair is essential for your wardrobe. Remember to always do the Squat Test when jeans shopping – a good pair won’t reveal your butt and you’ll feel the stretch in them!

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4.Roamans Women’s Plus Size Supersoft Ruched Maxi Dress

This is rayon spandex material based. It is also machine washed and best quality dress. Dresses are a favorite of all ladies, and women of any size can pull them off. When it comes to finding the best dresses for plus-size women, the sky’s the limit!

 A plus-size white dress with an A-line cut is great for breezy summer, while the LBD is the quintessential slimming dress. If you’ve got an hourglass shape, you can really rock a retro-style dress with a fit-and-flare shape.

On the other hand, a body-hugging dress shows off your figure the same way celebrities love them. Apple-shaped women may often struggle with dresses that fit their chest or shoulders but hang shapeless and loose along the rest of their bodies.

If this sounds like you, go for one that cinches at the waist or adds a wide belt around your midsection. This way, you get the shapely figure without squeezing your upper body. So you have to choose the best for your body. This product is looking great and makes you more attractive.

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5.EVANESE Women’s Plus Size Elegant Long Formal Evening Dress

Full-figured women may think they only have one option when it comes to jeans and bottoms, but in reality, they have a number of choices. The best jeans for plus-size women fit on both the waist and the hips, which can be difficult.

In fact, this may require some expert tailoring from someone who knows what they’re doing. As said earlier, everything here is a nice guideline, but what’s most important is buying clothes you feel great in.

This means it’s perfectly OK to break one of these rules if doing so makes you feel fabulous! When developing your own fashion style, seek inspiration anywhere and everywhere. Look at your favorite plus-size fashionista blogs for inspiration, or keep track of celebrities to see what on-trend is.

When it comes to feeling amazing, nothing can hold you back. EVANESE made this product with high-quality materials and this is synthesized in the USA and imported. You can also consider this suit while buying.

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6.EVANESE Women’s Plus Size Elegant Long Formal Evening Dress with Shoulder Bands

This is also a great product from the same supplier which is looking very great. If you tend to be wider in the hips and bottom than you are in the upper body, you’re what is commonly called pear shape. Drawing attention upward with volume and embellishments helps you appear balanced.

Your neck and shoulders are great features, so show them off with off-shoulder or boat-neck tops. Elegant sleeves also draw the eyes upwards, as will tunic tops and billowy shirts with a snug waist. Meanwhile, dark colors on your lower half with lengthen your legs and narrow your hips.

Try skirts that lightly brush against the sides of your body without adding bulk or pants that fall straight down from the widest part of your hips. If you’re upper and lower body is equal in width and your waist only slightly narrower, you probably have a rectangle body shape. Enhance your natural waist with wrap tops and fitted v-neck shirts.

The angles of these pieces draw the eye down and in. You can also easily pull off all kinds of skirts, including A-line, pencil and even maxi skirts. Peplum and fit-and-flare styles are also a great choice.

Apple shapes tend to be well proportioned, carrying weight mostly in the torso and upper body. Unlike hourglasses, apple-shaped women may have a hard time finding their natural waistline and generally aren’t as curvy through the hips.

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