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Best Designer Heels for Wide Feet

Best Designer Heels for Wide Feet

Are you looking for best designer heels for wide feet ? Don’t worry you are at the right place to find a pair for you. High heels look elegant, graceful and sexy with any attire. They can make a woman feel more confident and desirable.

However, it is important to make the right choice when it comes to buying high heels otherwise, you’ll end up regretting the purchase you made, especially if the price tag is a little on the heavier side.

So, we are here to help you make the right choice when it comes to buying high heels. Here are 8 things you should consider when buying heels if you want your footwear to remain both, gorgeous and practical.

Right Size:


You should know that different companies have different shoe sizes. So, always try a pair first to see if it is the right size and fit. Best designer heels for wide feet should fit nicely and hold the foot firmly in place. Loose heels may lead to your foot sliding up and down constantly and you will not be able to maintain your balance. Choose the right size, no matter how pretty the heels look.

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Tightly Fitted:

Your heels should have enough space for your toes. If your heels are not wide enough, it will definitely cause pain and cramps. Also, wearing Best designer heels for wide feet without sufficient space for your toes can increase the chances of developing hammertoes, corns, bunions, and arthritis. So, opt for pointy toes heels with a slightly rounded almond shape that will prove more room for your toes.

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End of the Day:

This might sound weird but, your feet are more likely to be tired and swollen from work and daily activities so, this is the best time to shop for your heels because you’ll get an idea of how the shoe will fit you throughout the day.

Don’t try out Best designer heels for wide feet in the morning if you don’t want to complain about it being too tight after your feet have swollen. Shop towards the end of the day when your feet are swollen to make sure your heels fit you perfectly.

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Walk Test:

Never buy a pair of heels without walking in them first. Wear each your heels and parade up and down the buy a minimum of five minutes. Walk-in them, turn in them and try an gauge how balanced you feel in them.

Think hard about buying a pair of heels if there is a hint of wobble. If it is hard for you to maintain your balance and posture then you should look out for other options. Consider shopping for heels with thick insoles and correct artifact.

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Choose Leather High Heels:

Invest in good quality leather heels if you want your feet to feel comfortable in the long run. High heels product of suede, leather or a combination of both tends to easily adjust to the feet shape. This material will also prevent your feet from chafing.

Apart from this, shoes made of real animal skin or suede last for much longer. Best designer heels for wide feet.

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When choosing high-heels, check where the heel is placed. The heel ought to ideally be placed beneath your own heel. Remember, thicker the heel, the greater the support it provides for your body.

Look for platforms that will distribute your weight across the entire foot evenly instead of concentrating it at the ball of the foot or the Best designer heels for wide feet. So, go for wider, thicker heels if you want to decrease the risk of sprained ankles.

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Height of the Heels:

High heels that are 3 cm to 9 cm high are the most comfortable to walk in. Heels more than that height put more pressure on your lower back, knees, ankles and do not give any support for balancing. Choose for ‘Kitten heels’ that area unit four cm to five cm tall and would be a flexible selection for everyday wear.

You can conjointly purchase heels with a height of 7-8 cm for work. The 10 cm heel may be a nice choice to wear to a celebration or dinner. Avoid buying heels that are more than 10 cm in height.

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Keep Your Wardrobe In Mind:

Don’t buy a pair of heels just for the sake of it. Go for shoe searching for keeping your wardrobe in mind. When you are making a purchase, try and imagine your outfits and figure out if your heels will match with your outfits. If you don’t have a lot of outfits that will complement the heels, it’s best to leave the shoes on the shelf and move on.

Only the ladies can understand the struggle and confusion to understand the types, styles, and shapes of high heels for their perfect formal or casual look. If you are thinking about buying heels for yourself, you probably want to find the one that looks beautiful and feels comfortable at the same time.

It is a known fact that higher the Best designer heels for wide feet, higher are the chances for your feet to get sore. But, this fact is not totally true. As choosing the pair of a heel with the proper platform at the front may stop the discomfort irrespective of the height of the heel.

To help you find a perfect heel according to your height, body type, and comfort level, we have come up with following tips and tricks. Before that, let’s have a look at some types of high heels.

Types of Heels:

There are different types and styles of heels that can transform your look by adding some extra inches to your height. Here are some of the popular types of heels that everyone loves.

Block Heel:

Block heel as the name indicates has a chunky heel as compared to the stilettos. This type of shoes offers a more practical heel for everyday use. Because of even weight distribution and support, these heels are far more comfortable than a regular stiletto.

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Kitten Heel:

Kitten heels were introduced in the 1950s specifically for the teenagers as in those days, high heels were meant for the grown-ups. These heels are elegant, sophisticated and comfortable all at once. These heels are comfortable as compared to stilettos because of the height difference. Kitten heels are normally 1.5-1.75 inches high.

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Stacked Heel:

Stacked heels are another comfortable kind of heels which give an illusion that objects are stacked up to make a heel. These heels also provide even weight distribution on the heel area that makes them perfect for everyday use. Stacked heels additionally typically are available the shape of a wedge or sticker.

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Stiletto Heel:

Stilettos are by far the most popular but not necessarily comfortable type of heels. Stiletto is a thin and pointed heel that comes in a range of heights starting from 1 inch to 8 inches. Best designer heels for wide feet.

If a sticker features a heel but two inches, it is called kitten heel. With higher stilettos, a front platform is also added that makes them a little easy to walk in without any discomfort to the feet.

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Cone Heel:

As the name indicates, cone heels are shaped just like an ice-cream cone. These heels are in a triangular shape and can be flat on one side. Cone heels similar to block heels give extra support and even weight distribution and therefore are perfect to be worn all day.

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Wedged Heel:

Wedged heel shoes have a wedge rather than separate heels. These heels are easier to walk in and are a comfortable alternative for a high stiletto. These heels are chunky and are perfect to be worn with maxis, skirts, and long dresses.

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Platform Heel:

Platform heels don’t seem to be thought of a heel sort however they’re a sort of sole. To add extra support height to your stiletto, you can get a platform at the front. It makes a stiletto comfortable and easy to walk in for prolonged use.

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Heel Height:

In addition to the style of heels, the height of heels is another important thing that you need to keep in mind before you buy them.

2-Inch Heels:

If you are on your feet all day, you should go for the kitten heels. These heels will be easy on your feet and will give you a stylish appearance all day long.

3-Inch Heels:

3-Inch Heels are perfect for an elegant and sophisticated look and comfortable to wear in the office and walk around all day. Best designer heels for wide feet.

4-Inch Heels:

Heels higher than 3 inches are perfect for parties and evening wear. Heels with 4-inch height don’t seem to be essentially comfy however look elegant and area unit appropriate to use for brief periods.

Choose Heels According To Your Body Type:

If you want to give an illusion of height, you should use shoes with pointed toes. It will make your legs look longer. Nude shoes can do the same. You should avoid ankle straps in case you have wide ankles or short legs.

If you have a wide foot, you should probably use shoes with round toes as they are comfortable and more suitable for wide feet.

Wearing Heels:

Benefits of heels are only limited to beautifying your appearance as they can sometimes be bad for your back Heels make your legs appear longer and slimmer and add elegance to your look. Heels may boost your confidence as they add extra inches to your height. There are many reasons to choose heels over flat shoes but most importantly, most of us choose heels only for the fact that they are beautiful. So whatever the reason is for you to choose heels, make sure you go for the ones that are comfortable and friendly to your feet.

Antiperspirant Is Your Friend:

If you are going to be wearing your heels for the entire day, it is almost inevitable your feet will sweat. Over time, this could make your high heels smell and could even damage the leather. To avoid this, spray or run antiperspirant on your feet before you slip them into your heels. It is a simple trick, but the benefits far outweigh the few seconds this daily practice takes!

Treat the Bad Odor:

Despite this, it is possible your heels could eventually start to smell. Thankfully, there is a way to correct this. Sprinkling baking soda on the insides of your heels and leave it overnight helps! The baking soda absorbs all the dirt and eliminates the bad odor. Wipe it off in the morning with a soft cloth and your shoes should smell as good as new!

Store Them in A Closet:

The bottom shelf of your wardrobe is ideal for your regular footwear. Your heels deserve a space of their own if you want them to last for years in perfect shape. Invest in a small set of shelves exclusively for your high heels and put in a small packet of silica gel, because storing them together in this manner helps them stay dry and prevents outside elements from interfering.

Give Them a Day Off:

Sure, you may love your high heels so much you would not mind wearing them every single day. However, that is a sure way to damage them. Swap them out for other footwear occasionally. One way to do this but still wear your favorite kind of heels is to get a few more pairs and rotate them through the week.

1.Clarks Brier Dolly

The perfect pair of pumps is an essential part of any women’s wardrobe. A good-quality, stylish pair of ladies dress pumps will suit both the office and more casual ventures, matching your trendy chic outfits and your elegant office wear. Once you get the right blend of comfortability and sleek style, you’ll soon find yourself wanting to wear them everywhere. Dress pumps are the best blend of two worlds.

They’re great for formal events, office wear and hitting the town after work. A well-crafted pair of dress pumps are classy enough to match even the most elegant outfits. Also, their subtle style and single color design make them well suited to business environments.

Comfortable, convenient, and extremely versatile, no wardrobe should go without a good pair of dress pumps. This is precisely what the Clarks Women’s Brier Dolly Dress Pumps deliver, a class which is a cut above and comfort-ability through their thoughtful design. Here we’ll be giving you a closer look at these outstanding dress pumps.

We’ll guide you through their gorgeous look, gracious selection of colors and top-quality craftsmanship. They’re well known for using only the finest quality materials while delivering designs of definitive quality and style. Ever since their establishment in 1825, Clarks shoes have upheld distinctive designs delivered through some of the most prestigious retailers. These round-toe pumps exude quality and style.

From the subtly rounded toes to the molded heels, the soft yet striking aesthetics make for a perfect match to any outfit, suiting formal, semi-formal and casual attire. The rounded-toe design delivers an exceptional level of comfort, while the OrthoLite footbed gives support to your soles, ankles, and lowers back.

The heel padding gives you infallible support while also improved comfort levels. The top line is rounded, and the stitching is not visible, adding to their visual appeal. Thanks to the intelligent design of the rounded toe and the high-cut heel seat, you won’t encounter any discomfort due to pressure on your toes. The heel itself measures just over 3 inches, which is a height which is both practical and stylish.

  • • Reliable
  • • Comfortable
  • • Bendable
  • • High breathability
  • • Classic
  • • May run large

2.Guilty Heart Open Toe Heeled Sandals

These cute, dressy sandals from Guilty Heart are just the thing for a summer party. With a wide range of colors and surfaces to choose from, there are options to match any outfit and style, and a versatile heel height suitable for many occasions. These sandals can be dressed up or down for a wide range of looks.

The Look:

The wide ankle and toe straps of the Guilty Heart Open Toe Heeled Sandals provide some structure and stability, while the open sides, toes, and barely-there sole show of a summer pedicure. The feel of these shoes is generally formal, but they can be dressed down with a very casual outfit to loosen up the vibe of the shoes.

The Make:

They are lightweight sandals with an upper made of leather-looking polyurethane. If you decide to get a suede variety, remember that suede sandals should be spot cleaned and softly brushed to preserve the pile. It’s also a good idea to treat these shoes with a suede protector to ensure that they won’t get any unwanted stains or damages, especially since stains can be tough to get out of suede if it is untreated.

These are a versatile sandal that can be dressed up and sexy or dressed down and playful. The heel height is perfect to transition day tonight, and the wide range of colors lends themselves to a lot of looks and occasions. They run true to size, and the lining helps prevent your feet from sliding inside the shoe.

  • • Nice
  • • Versatile design
  • • Color palette
  • • Good heel height
  • • Not much comfortable

3.Aerosoles Highway

The fun, strappy peep toe, and rhinestones on these women’s dress sandals from Aerosoles create drama and glamor in a high-fashion sandal, but with shape, fit, and heel height to keep you comfortable all day. With these sandals, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to be beautiful, and your feet can hold up for any long summer nights as long as you can.

The Look:

The synthetic upper of these shoes features slender straps packed with rhinestones, forming an eye-catching and glamorous design. Peep toes and open sides keep your feet cool and comfortable, for a style that can go day-to-evening without missing a beat.

The Make:

The very slight platform in the sole and the low kitten heels make the Aerosoles women’s rhinestone dress sandals more comfortable and easier to wear than they look. The strap design comfortably hugs your feet from your toe to your ankle, giving extra stability when walking or dancing. They have a lightly cushioned insole, and the heel is well-placed for additional support and balance.

  • • Great upper leather
  • • Heel rest technology
  • • Adjustable ankle straps
  • • Great insole
  • • T-straps slides around

4.Naturalizer Amie

The Naturalizer Amie has a high-fashion silhouette and classic style. They come in bold colors perfect for summer, with a sexy, stylish shape that can go anywhere.

These stunning fashion pumps combine many factors of the most fashionable heels: straps, peep toe window, platform soles, and a striking stiletto heel! Who could say no?

The Look:

The faux snakeskin texture on these high heeled sandals adds drama and interest. The peep toe and strappy design are both fresh and sexy for summer looks, while the high heel creates glamour. These sandals are guaranteed to get compliments and go with a wide range of fashion styles and colors

The Make:

They’re made of synthetic material. They have a soft lining in the sole beneath the foot, up to the peep toe. The 3.15-inch heels appear taller due to the moderate platform shape that adds height without reducing comfort or stability.

The Good:

The Naturalizer Amie is loaded with style, and the vibrant colors are ideal for nearly any summer outfit or occasion. This versatility is essential if you want to invest in only a few pairs of shoes that you can wear for many different types of events. They are airy and breathable, which is important when shoes are made of synthetic material.

  • • Blocky heel
  • • Molded arch support
  • • N5 contour technology
  • • Sleek leather upper
  • • Size runs big

5.Rockport Total Motion Plain

The Look:

Menswear-inspired detailing in the wingtips and boogieing on the vamp add style to these Rockport, available in black, brown, and beige. The chunky heel is feminine and stylish, but wide and low enough to not compromise traction, stability, or comfort. For those who want a smart look without risking a fall, these are a great choice.

The Make:

The upper is made of polyurethane synthetic leather, and the soles are rubber with excellent tread and traction. The body of the shoe is also deep enough for a removable insole if you need additional arch support, but you may have difficulty with this if you have a very thick insole that you want to add to the shoes.

  • • Retention foam insoles
  • • Reliability
  • • Three inch heel
  • • Pointed toe
  • • Narrow toe space


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